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I AM A BLEND OF MANY CULTURES. I was born in the city of Lima, Perú, and raised by an Argentine father and a Peruvian mother. I grew up surrounded by an extended family with a rich cultural heritage, primarily Spanish, Italian, even Inca. Growing up in Perú, I was strongly influenced by the Incan people, having been nurtured by women of that ethnic group at home. My multicultural experience, which also include immigrants of many nations, is the cause of my genuine care for people of diverse backgrounds and my keen interest in world affairs.


Not only have I been enriched by my own cultural heritage, but since I was very young, I have also been strongly influenced by

U. S. culture, enjoying popular TV shows, music, and movies at the theater.  More importantly, I was attracted by the political stability of the United States, and the solid biblical values behind the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I could never have imagined that one day I would be adopting this great nation as my own.

I moved here 40 years ago, and over these years I have learned to integrate into my own multicultural background the best influences of the USA.


These experiences along with my education in human psychology and my understanding of the uniqueness of the human soul, makes me unusual in many ways, and have taught me to view the world as a spectrum of colors. In other words, I do not see one solution to many problems, but many solutions to one problem. 


I want to personally invite you to explore your own uniqueness with me, whether you decide to choose me as your psychotherapist or as your personal life coach. You will experience an environment of genuineness, acceptance, and safety, as we embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery, healing, and emotional growth.


"I encourage you to join with me as your partner

so that together we bridge the gap between 

where you are now and where you want to be."



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