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"There is light at the end

of the tunnel" 


John 1:5


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Are you struggling to find healthy and helpful ways of navigating through life?


Are you feeling anxious, sad or overwhelmed?


Does the way you feel negatively affect your relationship with others?


I am here to help!!!


I am a Licensed Psychodynimic therapist and

a Certified Life Coach who works with:




•young adults


•the elderly


I specialize in:



•relational difficulties


•work/life decisions

•life/professional goals

•adjustment to life stages/transitions



•divorce/blended families


•Biblical spiritual direction & development

Christ-centered counseling

•other psychological and/or spiritual issues affecting many aspects of life and interpersonal relationships, due to past experiences/influences, affecting the present






You will find my working style genuine, respectful, and safe.

I will meet your personal needs so that you gain

the insight and wisdom necessary to define your vision,

create a plan of action, and achieve your goals.  

In turn, you will also experience overall growth and enrichment both personally and professionally, making it possible to reach your full potential. 

My approach to treatment will integrate all aspects of your personhood: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual, for I believe that the best and most enduring personal work is holistic in nature. I am a "born again" believer and hold a Christian worldview, which may be integrated into your treatment program. As a Christian therapist/coach, I am not about imposing my beliefs, but about enhancing your uniqueness and personal freedoms, as I am respectful of the person as a human being with agency and freedom to choose how to respond to their situations in a socially constructive level of functioning.


I am a multicultural therapist and enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life. I offer services in either English or SpanishIf you desire to learn more about me or my professional approach and style, click on MORE ABOUT ME under the HOME button. You may also see my complete bio by clicking on the red button here.







My office is centrally located in quaint Old Town Orange, with easy access to the 55, 22, 5, 73 and 405 Fwy's - at 728 E.

Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92866. For directions click here.






Contact Me








Single Session Intervention Available!



Get answers to your questions

Clear expectations

Goal oriented focus


Provides you with solid at

 the moment expertise

by a License Professional

Bilingual Services Provided

In English or Spanish


Accessible in Person

By appointment only!


Pre-Pay Via 












..."I partner with you as my client on a journey of self-discovery to bridge the gap

between where you are now and where you want to be." 




"There's a time to part and a time to meet. There's a time to sleep and a time to eat.

There's a time to work and a time to play. There's a time to sing and a time to pray.

There's a time that's glad and a time that's blue. There's a time to grin and show your grit.

But there never was a time to quit!

HW, Jr.


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